Podcast From Makna Talks - Ernanda Putra and Keenan Pearce

Podcast From Makna Talks Eps.01 

Podcast From Makna Talks - Ernanda Putra and Keenan Pearce - Repost

Transcript :

Intro -  0:01s

Hola, Stay tuned to this station. Makna Talks, You listen.

Iyas Layrence - 0:30s

Hola, Ladies and gentlemen this is Makna Talks. I am proud to introduce myself my name Iyas Lawrence, I will be your host for Makna Talks. Makna Talks  is basically a podcast it is also an open discussion group so if you do have any comments who to invite what to talk about comment on our Instagram @maknatalks.

Iyas Layrence - 0:51s

Di depan gue sekarang ini ada company founder dari makna sendiri, the two very famous instagram boys. The people that you want to meet when you come to makna coffee, keenan pearce and Ernanda Putra.

Keenan Pearce - 1:04s

Hola, this is keenan.

Ernanda Putra - 1:08s

Hola-hola, first time yaa.. first time, first episode.

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